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Can you ever escape the past?

New Zealand expat Julia Davis arrives in England hoping for a new beginning. It’s a chance for her abused son Jack to finally heal, and for Julia to rid herself of the guilt that torments her daily thoughts.

The arrival of her husband Nick should complete Julia’s family. But Julia and Nick’s frayed relationship begins to unravel, and all is not right with Jack. Long-buried secrets and unanswered questions finally start to surface, with devastating repercussions for Julia’s world.

Can Julia cling on to her fragile happiness – and all she holds dear?

Consequences is a novel about the ties of motherhood and marriage, about finding the courage to confront the past – and face the future.

Praise for Consequences

“Consequences is phenomenal, so eloquent and powerful.” – Dr Lucinda Molan

Consequences just gripped me from the first page, I couldn’t put it down. A lovely story and a powerful message.” – Karen Copper

Publication Details:

Published: June 15, 2015
Publisher: A G Publishing
Book Type: Book
Book Format: ebook and paperback
ISBN 10: 0994308701
ISBN 13: 978-0994308702

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