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Love Has No Labels

Rethinking prejudice and sexuality

I am currently working on my next novel ‘Honey I’m Gay’ (working title) which explores one aspect of the human condition relating to sexuality and prejudice towards anyone different from the mainstream.  This story follows the journey of two people confronted by the collapse of their marriage and their journey in coming to terms with the…
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Marriage for All – Marriage Equality

On 21 July Australian Foreign Correspondent ran the story on Gay Marriage – the “popular vote” in Ireland. I found this story inspiring, and wondered what was holding Australia back in accepting ‘Marriage for All’, or ‘Marriage Equality’. Why are we dragging our sandals in the sand?  Holy Catholic Ireland. A country where 84% of its population…
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Speak Up or Get Out

Breaking Free from Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence is another one of those uncomfortable subjects touched upon in Consequences. We know it exists, but do we really need to know all the unsavoury detail? It all gets a little untidy and uncomfortable, let’s not probe too much or too deeply … But we have in the last decade made progress and on Australia Day…
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To Be Heard. To Be Believed

Healing and Hope for Sexual Abuse Survivors

At the moment Australia has The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse investigating how institutions like schools, churches, sports clubs and government organisations have responded to allegations and instances of child sexual abuse. It is the job of the Royal Commission to uncover where systems have failed to protect children so it can make recommendations…
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Defining Motherhood – Can We?

What being a Mother Means to Me...

For me, motherhood defined me in ways I never thought possible. Pre-baby, I had a career, a life, friends, money, and most importantly TIME. I didn’t feel I lost those things when my son arrived, they simply no longer became the focus of my life, fading into the background and making way for nappies, sleepless nights, colic, that…
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